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Here at Snuggly Bunnies Rabbitry we have been breeding rabbits since 2004. We breed and show a variety of Rabbits- currently we have Mini Lops, Dwarf lops, German Lops and French lops

All are bred from high quality pedigree lines, but not all will make it to the show table. Any excess kits or adults are sold with the funds from these going back into the rabbitry so all bunnies can live their lives happy, healthy and to the fullest!
Our online store Specializes in hand crafted dehydrated biscuit pet treats and snacks made from human grade ingredient's with all treats made from fresh fruit or vegetables suitable for rabbits , guinea pigs , rats and dogs.

We source the best quality  pet product ,  some hand crafted here on the Mornington Peninsula also cater for small animal grooming products.
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