Bundle contains one Crumble Treat pack 160 gram and 5 g of Willow leaves and 2 x 10 g bags of Willow  leaves🍃 

Willow Tummy Support Crumble Treats 

• These Crumble Treats are made to help bunnies or guinea pigs recover from surgery or to entice them to eat if they suffer from Gi stasis or just for fussy eaters or elderly buns 
Also perfect for any bunny to nibble on to help ensure tummy health 

•Made to crumble easily for bunnies to eat 

•INGREDIENTS: mixed chaff , willow leaves, lucerne, whole oats , rolled oats , sunflower seeds , lupins ,barley , organic selenium, mint ,apple , banana and pear , added vitamins and minerals.

• Dehydrated to lock in all the goodness.

• These come in a box of four treats each treat approximately 40 grams 1/4 of a cup and also 5 grams of willow leaves. 

•recommended one per day as well as a few willow leaves .

•Any leaves left mixed with the pine wool can be stuffed into a toilet roll so bunnies can chew and play with it as its all natural and the added leaves makes it extra fun .

Willow leaves 🍃 

• Dehydrated 10 gram pack of leaves
• a natural pain reliever.
• Leaves used to reduce fever, treat skin problems, and to treat toothache. Most willows contain salicin, a key compound in aspirin, and tannins.
• rabbits and guinea pigs just cant get enough so helpful to use as a treat to train your pets .
• proven to help rabbits and guinea pigs to eat after surgery.

Tummy Support Bundle