Pineapple Biscuit Teats 


  • 300 gram Box 


  • Suitable for rabbits or guinea pigs , Rats and Dogs 


  •  Pineapple is rich in Vitamins , Enzymes and Antioxidants that can   help boost the immune system.


  • Proteolytic Enzymes are reccomended as a remedy to aid in    digestion and breakdown of fur balls (especially in longer haired  pets ).


  •  Mint also has medical properties to help with with digestive tract  issues , also great to assist in weening does to help prevent mastitis.


  •  Despite being a sweet fruit pineapples are actually low in calories.


  • Treats contain 50% fruit and herbs x 50% oOat floiur (milled onsite)


  •  Reccomend 1-2 biscuits 1-2 times per week 


  • Ingredients : Pineapple




Collection available from Mornington , Victoria

Pineapple Mint Biscuit Treats

  • Return or Refund given on return of faulty item