Pine Apple Biscuit Treats 

suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs


  • Pineapple rich in Vitamins , Enzymes and Antioxidants that can help boost the immune system .


  • proteolytic Enzymes are reccomended as a remydy to aid in digestion and break down of fur balls (especially in longer haired pets ).


  • Mint also has medicinal properties to help with digestive tract issues also great to assist in weening Does to help prevent mastitis .


  • Despite being a sweet fruit pineapples are actually low in calories.


  • Treats Contain 50% fruit and herbs x 50% Oat flour (milled onsite)


  • reccomended 1 biscuit treat 1-2 times a week 


  • Ingredients : Pineapple 




  • packs are 100 grams (packs contain biscuit treats only )



collection available ( Mornington , Vic)


PineApple Mint Biscuit Treats

  • Refund given on Return of Faulty Item.