8 kg Peters Oaten Hay ***COLLECTION ONLY***

Comes in a 8kg box of hay,

Peters Oaten Hay is a high fibre, low protein food ideal for rabbits and guinea pigs. Fibre is essential for the digestive health of rabbits and guinea pigs, providing roughage for a healthy gastro intestinal system. It has a nutty flavour which appeals to small animals and it's crunchy texture pr omotes dental health while chewing.

Feeding Guide: Grass hay should make up 75% of your rabbit or guinea pig's daily diet. Supplement this with rabbit or guinea pig foods and fresh fruit and vegetables

Suitable for: Rabbits and Guinea Pigs of all ages and breeds

Features and Benefits:

Minimum 24% Crude Fibre

A source of long strand fibre for digestive health

Promotes dental health

Peters 8 kg box of Oaten Hay ***COLLECTION ONLY***