Need more space for your Rabbits or guinea pigs ?.
Check out this 2 storey indoor cage. 

This cage is suitable for one or two small rabbits,.

you can also attach a playpen to create more space for your pet. 

Easy to clean with a door on top and doors at the front of the cage.

104cm (H) x 118cm (W) x 58cm (D)

All of our cages and hutches come with a Bunny Jump starter pack containing :
 2 x ceramic Bowls 
1 x 450 ml glass water bottle
1 x litter tray
1 x bag of litter material 
1x wood shavings for bedding 
1 x 1 kg of country vital pellets
1x plastic hay feeder 
1xlarge bag of paten hay
1x 50 gram carrot chips
1x 3 piece grooming set
1x hanging treat toy

Large two story Cage ***COLLECTION ONLY***