HayPigs Cavy Cannonball Tilting Tunnel

Cavy Cannonball Tilting Tunnel

Roll up, roll up to see the HayPigs! See them perform fantastic feats like lifting the heaviest of weights, being fired from a canon and... not knocking over their food dish?

HayPigs adorable range of accessories has been tested by guinea pigs, for guinea pigs. The brainchild of UK couple Rik and Helen, the HayPigs range was dreamt up by Rik after adopting two gorgeous rescue piggies, Neptune and Nutmeg. He endeavoured to make a collection of guinea pig products that were unique and exciting, as well as intelligently designed.

Perfect for piggies packed with personality (as well as other small pets!), the HayPigs range will bring colour and excitement to your guinea pigs run while making your life as a pet parent a little easier.

Designed in the UK

Made from pet safe polypropylene plastic and chewable pet-friendly cardboard

Stimulates your guinea pig through interaction, play and exercise

Energetic piggies may choose to charge through the tube, while less energetic piggies might be more inclined to take a nap inside

Tilting tube is perfect for hiding tasty hay in the middle of

Also suitable for rats and f