Carrot topped Willow Tummy Support Crumble doughnuts

• These Crumble Doughnuts are made to help bunnies or guinea pigs and rats recover from surgery or to entice them to eat if they suffer from Gi stasis or just for fussy eaters or elderly buns

Also perfect for any bunny to nibble on to help ensure tummy health

• Made to crumble easily for bunnies to eat with ease.

• INGREDIENTS: carrot , mixed chaff , organic willow leaves, lucerne, whole oats , rolled oats , sunflower seeds , lupins ,barley , organic selenium, mint , banana , added vitamins and minerals.

• Dehydrated to lock in all the goodness.

• each doughnut weighs 42-46 grams on a bed of 20 grams of kale 🥬 approximately 280 grams in Total

Carrot Topped Willow Crumble support Doughnuts