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Bunny Feed Bin Bundle - $81 of Value for $75

• 75 lt Black plastic Bin with aeration holes so your hay wont sweat $35

• 2.5 kg of Lucerne(alfalfa) Hay $10

Lucerne (Alfalfa ) Hay

2.5 kg bagged , compressed Biscuit of hay

• Lucerne helps prevent infections and problems with the immune system.

• Lucerne supports natural teeth wear Lucerne is great used for young and nourishing growing rabbits and nursing mums or buns needing a bit more condition..

• Fully digestible proteins. ...so can be fattening if given too much

• Roughage for rabits and rodents.

• Alfalfa, or lucerne, is a rich source of calcium, protein and fiber for bunnies and in general it’s more enjoyable to them than Meadow or Timothy grass hays.

• provides high energy levels and it’s a good overall source of minerals and vitamins.

• as with any feed and treats moderation is the key as

Lucerne is high in calcium so fed as a treat to adult buns .

*** bunny is prone to kidney stones its not advisable to feed even as a treat.***

• 22lt approx 3.5 kg Torwood farm Oaten Hay $20

A natural product that is suitable for all animals. This product is made from Oaten Hay which has been sourced from local farms, processed and put into a bag for convenience and ease of use. These bags are 22L in total and are great for any animals from rabbits, guineas pigs to horses

• 1kg of Lucerne and Oaten Hay Cubes $8

•1kg of Happy Bunny Mix $8

Your bunny will love this mix with lots of goodness to help keep your bunny healthy and well .

Especially good for those bunnies that don’t eat a lot of hay to keep a healthy gut.

1 kgresealable pouch






Rose petals

Mixed chaff

Fibre essentials

Alfalfa pellets

Burgess pellets with mint

Sunflower seeds

Cracked corn

Whole oats

A Bunnies Diet should be 80-85% hay to keep a healthy Tummy and great dental health.

Bunny Bin Bundle - Feed and Storage ***COLLECTION ONLY ***