Basic Bunny Entertainment Box

• Bundle of Fig Branches 10 x 20 cm plus in length ranging from 2 cm and under in diameter.

• 1 x Rattan ball 8 cm.

• 1 x Wooden heart 8 cm /mini apple toss.

• 1 x 10 gram bag of Willow leaves.

• 1 x 25cm rattan bundled Oaten hay 18 cm diameter.

***please note due to being hand made there will be slight variations in toys***

• Thick Cardboard lucerne bon bon 15 cm length 18 cm diameter.

•. Packaged in a cardboard box with pine wool , by removing any sticky tape from the box and packaging all are safe to for your pet to play with .

• Suitable for Rabbits, guinea pigs and rats.

Basic Bunny Entertainment Box