Product description

Back 2 Nature small animal bedding and litter. Upcycled from 99% recycled paper. For the over 10 years, back 2 nature has been providing homes with 99% recycled paper small animal bedding and litter that is free from nasty chemicals and additives. Proudly made in regional Australia, back 2 nature is highly absorbent with natural odour control, ensuring your pet's home stays clean and fresh. It's made from recycled paper, water and air, so it's soft and safe for all creatures.

Our pellets are crimped to allow for faster moisture absorption and the flatter shape has more surface area for greater stability on little joints. This makes it suitable for a variety of small animals such as snakes, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, lizards, geckos, rats or mice, ferrets, gerbils, hamsters, tortoises and even chickens!

Back 2 Nature small animal bedding and litter can be composted once the waste is removed, but we recommend that you check with your local council for guidelines.

Features & Benefits

• Made from 99% recycled paper.

• Low dust for minimal irritation. Natural Odour Control.

• Highly Absorbent.

• All natural product. Australian made.

• Non Toxic.

• Environmentally Friendly.

Back to Nature litter 30lt ***COLLECTION ONLY***