Albergo Wooden Rabbit Hutch 

• Excellent quality wooden hutch
• suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs
• 108 * 45 * 78
• Rubber feet to prevent water infiltration
• Drawer included
• Bitumen protection


All of our cages and hutches come with a Bunny Jump starter pack containing :
 2 x ceramic Bowls 
1 x 450 ml glass water bottle
1 x litter tray
1 x bag of litter material 
1x wood shavings for bedding 
1 x 1 kg of country vital pellets
1x plastic hay feeder 
1xlarge bag of paten hay
1x 50 gram carrot chips
1x 3 piece grooming set
1x hanging treat toy

Albergo Wooden Rabbit Hutch ***Collection only***