Bunny Monthly Subscription Box


$66.95 worth of Value for $60



We are now doing subscription boxes


Your box will come with a different selection of bunny treats and toys Monthly .

$60.00 box valued at $69.95


This Months $60 subscription box contains:

—Bunny Monthly Subscription Box —-

Play Wall for Small Animals is a superb way to comprehensively stimulate your little ones to help them stay entertained and feeling happy. It will enlighten their environment and indulge their endless curiosity. Their full range of gnawing, chewing, and playing instincts can be utilised with the fun textured shapes that will satisfy these important natural tendencies.

28cm x 18cm

—Kale Leaf 🥬 Biscuits— $9.99

• 130 g resealable pouch .

• Kale Organically grown at Snuggly Bunnies Rabbitry.

• Dehydrated to lock in all the goodness

• biscuit treats are made with 50% kale and 50% Oat Flour

— Banana Magic Wand — $3.00

• Banana flavoured biscuit treat .

• Wands are 25 cm ling apple branches.

• Dehydrated to lock in all the goodness.

• No artificial colours flavours or preservatives.

• As these are all hand made they can vary in weight from 25 grams plus

—Grass Bundle — $6.99

• Natural chew toy to help keep good dental health .

• Keeps your bunny amused can be chewed , carried , thrown or shredded.

• Made from Natural ingredients and safe for rabbits, guinea pigs , birds , mice and rats

—Nature Ball Value pack — $11.00

•keep your Bunny entertained with these chew Toys .

• Pet Safe to Chew

—Nature Island Crazy Hay Ball— $4.50

• Suitable for Small Animals is packed with fun and adventure for your small animals.

•They’ll love the captivating textures that the ball provides as they interact with it to stimulate their natural instincts. Maximise their well-being with an imaginative product that inspires mental and physical activity!

• 6cm in size

—Favourites bowl — $9.99

• 100 % organic kale and carrot chips

• No artificial colours or preservatives

• Dehydrated to lock in all the goodness.

• 35 gram resealable bowl .

$60 Subscription Box

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$60 Subscription
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